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This is a natural progression of seeking rapid revenue generation and it is to capitalize on it in a variety of ways – from seeking new sales distribution outlets, strategic partnering alliances through to possible M&A opportunities and ultimately to preparing the ground for founder exits. The major areas we typically cover include:

Leadership Development

This is consistent mentoring for the founder CEO and his senior leadership team as it expands. This covers many of the business challenges the company faces in the medium term in executing its plans and realizing founder’s dreams. Many of the issues that expansion-stage technology companies face are similar so we have seen these before and come with expertise and experience. We have mentored over 30 CEOs in similar fast-growing companies over the past 15 years.

Suitable for company founders, leadership team, function leads, board members.

Team Selection

Identify, recruit and on-board initial senior team members on behalf of the founder CEO and assist them in the bedding in period thereafter. This includes all functional heads, board members and advisors as needed.

We have assisted in team selection in numerous clients over the years and have a large database of contacts within the sector developed over the past 15 years.

Suitable for company founders, leadership team, operational teams.

Corporate Venturing

We have huge experience in the identifying and creating major growth opportunities in the form of strategic partnerships or M&A options for clients that can significantly add value to their operation and speed up their technology stack, market success, sales growth, brand recognition or distribution coverage and eventually lead to faster acquisition interest and potential founder exits.

Suitable for company founders, leadership team, investors.


Value Realisation & Exit

We identify what a successful exit looks like for stakeholders and work back from this. We identify interested parties in their ecosystem, create M&A partnerships to strengthen relationships, and add the strategic imperative to make this happen at a time suitable to the founders and leadership team.

Suitable for company founders, leadership team, investors.

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