Helping Expansion-Stage Technology Companies Become Highly Valued Ventures
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Argento Partners is an innovative sales execution, corporate development and investment advisory firm, that partners with founderCEOs to help solve your challenges enabling rapid business growth and valuation increases.

Argento Partners’ mission

is to help expansion-stage technology companies (software, digital, mobile, marketplaces) become highly valued ventures by executing winning market entry strategies, accelerating sales growth and marketing effectiveness thus leading to enterprise value growth.

We partner with ambitious tech clients who are ready to step up to that next level, based around a strong sales and business growth focus. Typically they are seeking to move from $5M sales levels up towards $30-50M with valuation increases of between 5-10 times.

We deliver founder CEO and leadership team

development, practical sales and marketing operational support and fund raising guidance right up to the close, so our clients can choose from the best funding options available.

During our engagements, we function as a hands-on operational advisor and mentor for founding CEOs and their leadership teams, as we help define product-market fit, build out the sales and marketing teams and provide in-market sales support during initial market entry or ramp-up phases, and often identify strategic partnering opportunities, which in turn can dramatically improve the company’s chances for valuation and funding.

What We Offer

Building a sustainable company that can make the leap from its home market to success in across other markets is much more difficult. While there is no formula, there is a basic set of requirements, and there is also a common set of mistakes many companies make. We partner with companies at this expansion stage to help them navigate better, radically improving their chances for success.

We do this through three focus areas:

Revenue Generation

  • Develop core market entry strategies
  • Identify requirements for market entry
  • Develop market segmentation and go-to-market plan
  • Set up an integrated sales program (CRM, pipeline management, lead gen, etc.)
  • Assume first selling executive role
  • Hire and train first sales team
  • Set up local office and sales infrastructure

Corporate Development

  • Facilitate strategic planning process to identify key goals and initiatives
  • Mentor founding CEO through period
  • Recruit senior leadership team and board advisors
  • Refine company value proposition and operating dashboards
  • Identify strategic growth opportunities via partnering or M&A
  • Coach founders for value realization and exits


  • Validate growth plans and associated flow projections
  • Develop funding strategy (debt vs. equity; investor profile; investment types)
  • Prepare funding package and diligence materials
  • Coach founders on funding process
  • Lead or support funding process
  • Mentor CEO through funding close

Benefits of Partnering

Unparalleled mentorship for the founder & leadership teams.

Experience aligning the product-market fit for sales distribution.

Expert sales knowledge across European and global markets.

Internationally experienced and proven marketing management skills.

Clear focus on aggressive business expansion through sales growth

Long experience in dealing with all types of investors & fundraising.

Guidance in defining & managing the right performance metrics.

A network of top tier operational vendors, partners, & resources.

Rigorous attention to strong, capital-efficient business growth.

Corporate advisory expertise in M&A and founder exits.

Proud of our Clients

We think very highly of our clients and are proud to have them on board, you will be in good company, here are just a few of them.

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